Saturday, 28 July 2012

Little Haul

Since I've been home I've collected a few bits and pieces in terms of skincare, haircare and cosmetics. Nothing big and most of it picked up from offers, but everyone loves a good deal so I thought I'd share :)
For skincare I thought I'd experiment for the first time in about two years and try some new moisturisers, including a night cream!  I'm also going to get a new cleanser and change my skincare completely as sometimes my skin can look a little dull.

Before now I've been lazy and haven't really used one unless my skin needed extra help, but I've heard that it massively helps reduce future aging and I found one - Garnier Youthful Radiance Night cream - that does fight the signs of aging, but isn't too thick for my young skin as it is intended for people starting the fight against aging early! It was reduced in Morrisons UK for £6 and I've been using it for about a week now, and   I started getting compliments on my complexion pretty quickly! Someone didn't believe I wasn't wearing makeup - granted this was a clueless boy. However, my skin feels a lot more oily so I'll have to see how it goes!
I also picked out this Loreal Triple Active Day Light Moisturiser, which I only got today. It's specified towards dry and sensitive skin, but it's very perfumed so I'm going to be very cautious about it. Although it smells nice I just have super delicate skin.

I also picked up these three Frizz-Ease products for £10 at ASDA, a deal I really recommend having a look at. I got the 3 Day Straight Spray, the Hair Serum, and Shine Spray. These normally retail for £6.99, £6.29, and £5.59 so I made a saving of £8.87!! :D I'm excited to use all of these products!

 I also recently started using Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and so far I really like it. My Loreal Dream Lumi concealer ran out so I replaced it with this Maybelline alternative which I've seen used by a lot of people; however I still prefer the Loreal version - it's a bit creamier with nicer and easier to use packaging. Sometimes this gives out too much in one go.

 And my favourite new thing was a present from my mummy, because Debenhams is her favourite shop. She doesn't usually buy me things, but she's 150% more likely to if it's from Debenhams.
So pretty... I like the stripes because it makes a traditional design a bit fresher and more summery :) It was in the sale from £35 to £25, plus there was a teeny stain on the back which meant we got an extra 10% off, and my mum had loyalty vouchers to get extra money off in the sale, so we got it for £20 (ish).

I've been building this stuff up for a while and haven't done any proper shopping in quite a while :( Hopefully soon

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Healthy Food and Skin.

After a rather heavy reunion night out with friends, both myself and my best friend Sunny were feeling a bit worse for wear. Yesterday we had a lie in and a TV/bad food day, which definitely helped but left us and our skin feeling guilty. So we decided to have a healthy evening tonight! We indulged in some home-made face-masks and I thought I'd share with you how I made it and what my favourite ingredients are :-)
I used:
1 tbsp of completely natural yogurt,
1-1.5 tbsp of oats,
3 teaspoons of honey,
and 1 tbsp of unrefined brown sugar.
I've got really dry and very sensitive skin, and yogurt is really moisturizing so I was probably a bit more generous with the yogurt! Oatmeal is a all natural cleanser, and produces a moisturizing milk when it gets wet. Honey is good for healing! It disinfects and helps gets rid of scars, and I read somewhere that sugar is good for dry skin, but I'm not sure why. What I am sure about is that it's an exfoliator, as is salt, but a lot more gentle because it dissolves and all it's goodness goes into your skin! :D Salt is better for oily skin as it draws out excess moisture!

Using natural ingredients is so much better than using artificial chemically products, especially for my delicate skin! And you know exactly what's going in! You just have to be careful about getting your ingredients chemical free and unrefined.
Sunny has a completely different skin type which is more combination than mine and breakout prone, and all these ingredients work well for her too, because they're natural oils they're much less likely to clog pores but are still really moisturizing!


Sunny has a tasty honey face!

To carry on the healthy theme of the night we had yummy berries to stop us craving chocolate! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I've got some lovely presents from everyone for my birthday recently, made me feel very loved :) These are my favourite bits!My best friend (Sunny) got me the most gorgeous dress ever from Jack Wills, I love it so much! Trying to get my brother to get married so I have a good place for it's first outing!
It's a beautiful silky material and a flattering shape and colour! I LOVES IT SO MUCH.

My friend Lizzie gave me a few things and was really generous! She got my some really nice products from lush; a shower jelly and a scrub. The shower jelly was good in the alps, as it smelled really zingy and clean which felt amazing in a hot shower after falling in a freezing river! I'm so totally in love with the scrub, it smells really fresh and awakey :D I use it a lot now as I'm using a fake tanner to keep it even as I'm so unlucky with tanning products! They just don't like me! I also like that it has an option to make it more exfoliating if you use it on dry skin, or less exfoliating (but good skin/tan maintenance) if used like a normal shower product. I'd definitely repurchase the scrub again. :D

Lizzie also bought me a really pretty bracelet from Magnolia Silver that I'm now wearing with the rest of my arm-candy everyday. Pearls have always been my favourite and it's silver so my wrist won't go green :P

Lots of lovely things from lovely people!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


... I'm back! Sorry I took such a long break, I've been super super busy recently!
It was my birthday, I went on holiday, I moved house, went to the other side of the country for a big party and had an epic job hunt!

The holiday I went on was to the South Alps in France; what I have decided might be the most beautiful place in the world. It's green and mountainy and the water is bright  turquoise in the sunlight. It's boiling hot and had picturesque little houses everywhere, even half way up mountains. It reminded me of Heidi  >.<

I went to go white water kayaking because of the super fast water and beautiful surroundings. It was such an amazing experience and I was smiling even when I was swimming (It's not really "swimming".. more losing your boat and getting washed around a river :-P) .

This is me and my friend Hannah and Ana, feeling chirpy after a rescue and checking Ana's camera still works! (Ana's taking the photo)

As you can tell, kayaking kit is SUPERSEXY. Here are some more photos of me wearing it and some pretty views!

 The group all smiling before a river and all upright at the end of one! 

The group when we first arrived and saw this big beautiful view, I'm third on the left ( And we all have matching T-Shirts with nicknames on - we're so lame!

Pretty walk in the mountains and climbing on a rock :)

I know this isn't beauty or make-up based, and a camping holiday is probably the exact opposite, but I had so much fun I thought I'd share it; I'll be back on beauty soon!