Monday, 28 May 2012

New Hair :D!!

Just a quick post about my hair, I just got it redone so no more horrible roots from my last couple of posts! I've had it long and blonde for about 3 years now but before that it was a medium honey toned brown (but still very long). It took me about one and  half to two years to grow.. I know when i was 14 I cut it shoulder length and by the time I was 16 entering sixth form it was quite long already! About a year after that I dyed it blonde and i'm almost twenty now - but I'm not as good as I should be at going back regularly! ...... Shabby chic? *crosses fingers* >.< ooooopsie.
The front bits are a lot shorter which I thought would be good for summer so I could put my hair up and be cool but some little bits would fall down so it doesn't look as harsh! They used Kerastase Elixir on it and it feels so so silky, and blow dried it smooth and straight, usually I have a wavy mane!

<- No more roots!!

and it's still pretty long->

Overall I'm really happy with it :D
Daydreamer <3

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mini Haul!

I decided seeing as I was home for the weekend to stock up on some of my favourite everyday products that I can't afford myself at university. 

I got two deep conditioners (Re constructor and Luscious Long) and a shampoo (Miracle Moist) from Aussies; the deep conditioners are my favourite :-)

I then got a few luxuries, I needed a new clear nail varnish for using as a top coat, and while I was browsing the  nail varnishes I found the cutest lilac from Maybelline called Tempting Lilac

I really like it, plus it was only £3 reduced so I picked up the French Manicure colour for my mummy :)
I want to get a mint green and a coral soon because I really love cute pastel coloured nails but I'm determined to get Mint Candy Apple by Essie because I just loveeee that shade. If I find a drugstore alternative that I'm happy with I'll blog about it.

I also got a yummy raspberry milkshake flavoured exfoliator for fake tan purposes which smells like heaven. I always seem to be drawn to fruity scents a lot, if you are too you'll love the raspberry one, but if not you might prefer the Vanilla Creme Brulee flavoured one as that one was yummy as well! I used mine last night and it was good, not incredible as an exfoliator but okay and it smelled so goooooooooooood! Also it was only £1.50 from ASDA so it works very well for the price. I also got a fake tan I'm yet to try by Loreal which looks good to me :) I'll post about how it goes.

Then I got a couple of drugstore products that I've heard a lot about: 
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer, in #1 Fair
and a Maybelline 24H Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze (I think it's exactly the same shade as Bad to the Bronze in the US)

Daydreamer <3

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Night-Out Look

I've started using this for my going out look - it's a bit of a change because i always used to prefer to keep my eyes with very natural colours except my black eyeliner. For this, although for most people might seem quite natural, I used one of the darker shades in my Urban Decay Naked palette, Gunmetal. It is very dark, with shimmer and has undertones of blue. It's very blendable though so not too overwhelming. I avoided it for a while because I was scared so if you haven't tried it and have it then DO DO DO! It's not too opaque at all but works well in the crease.

These are all the products I used:

On my face I used: 
Primed and Poreless by Benefit on my chin and other pore-ful areas like around my nose. Anything that was left I put on my cheeks on my cheeks for a smoother finish,
Loreal Paris Dream Lumi Highlighter/Concealer in Light under my eyes,
Chanel Vita Lumiere Foundation in B10,
Benefit Watts Up highlighter on my cheekbones and cupids bow,
Contoured with Mac Mineralise blush in A Little Bit of Sunshine,
Dandelion by Benefit blush quite liberally (it's like healthiness in powder form, can't recommend it enough)
Mac Well Dressed (a tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks)

On my eyes (okay here's where it gets a bit more complicated - I'm going to go into a little more detail because the eyes are the main focus of this look):
Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my lid and up to my brow bone and underneath,
Naked Palette - on the first third of my eye I put Sin, the second and third part Toasted, and then in the crease and outer corner Gunmetal. Then I went back and used Virgin in my inner corner and brow bone. I took each of the other three colours and used an angled brush underneath my eye to line.
Maybelline Liner Express eye liner with a small wing,
Naked Palette - Creep on a liner brush in bottom outer corner and over liquid eyeliner and a tiny bit of a fluffy brush on the outer corner.
Then I layered Loreal Paris Lash Architect 4D and Loreal Paris Volume Millions which work well for very dramatic lashes (maybe only for night time.. :-P )

I then put Loreal Rouge Caresse lipstick on moisturised lips in Tempting Lilac because it's a pretty pinky colour to put more emphasis on my eyes.
Sorry this post is so rambling! I know I'm not really talking to many people, but this was fun to do anyway ^.^

I had a fake tan accident the other day and got some exfoliator (to get rid of the accident) and a new type which I have a lot more faith in. I might pick up another and compare all three and do a review in a couple of weeks once I know what I think, that might be fun! :D

Daydreamer <3

Friday, 25 May 2012

Sunshine nails!

I decided to paint my nails cute summery colours because it's been so hot recently! I used sky blue and sunshine yellow because to me they look summery and dreamy :) They were already a bit chipped in the photo :( but this is because I had a long day travelling home from university and had to go on the tube and icky things like that... so forgive the chips!

The nail varnishes I used were Lemon Meringue and Bloo-Bloo by Models Own. I really do not see enough about these, for me while they aren't quite the same quality as Opi, Essie or Nails Inc I think they have an amazing colour range, are very opaque in just one coat and last well. I'm perticularly impressed by Lemon Meringue, as I didn't want to spend too much money on a yellow nail varnish but ended up buying two as the one I initially bought from Collection 2000 was so disappointing :( It was almost a little bit mustardy rather than the sunshine yellow I was looking for, however Lemon Meringue really hits the spot for me as a good, yet reasonably priced varnish.

Sorry the photos aren't so good, I'm just getting used to the settings. I'm thinking of doing some ideas for summery outfits while I'm home this weekend so expect another post soon.

Daydreamer <3

Friday, 18 May 2012

Introductions :)

Well.... I want to write a blog about all things beauty and fashion related. Or even just things which brighten up my day that I want to share with people! My best friend introduced me to the world of beauty blogging and vlogging; I was instantly obsessed. I've been following people for about a year and decided that I may as well share my own thoughts too! (with a little persuasion from the same friend... :P)

An overview of my style would be just... cute things. I like floral print, vintage and preppy style. I would live in Abercrombie and Fitch if they'd let me! And not just for the pretty boys... promise. I always wear scarfs, usually ones from far away I've bought or other people have bought me on their travels! I live in floral print, skinny jeans and high waisted shorts. I love love love gold and pearls, and I've been stacking bracelets for literally as long as I can think! As soon as any sun is out (even a teeny tiny bit) I'll have my Raybans on, no question.

I love sleeping, lazy days and snuggles. I'm at uni in my second year studying Politics and International Relations and live with some of my best friends, I couldn't live without their company sometimes! We have perfected being lazy to quite a high standard, although since it's exam time we haven't been able to be in quite some time *sadface*.

Exam stress will be over soon, and I'll be more free to share all the silly little things which pop into my head! 

Daydreamer <3