Friday, 18 May 2012

Introductions :)

Well.... I want to write a blog about all things beauty and fashion related. Or even just things which brighten up my day that I want to share with people! My best friend introduced me to the world of beauty blogging and vlogging; I was instantly obsessed. I've been following people for about a year and decided that I may as well share my own thoughts too! (with a little persuasion from the same friend... :P)

An overview of my style would be just... cute things. I like floral print, vintage and preppy style. I would live in Abercrombie and Fitch if they'd let me! And not just for the pretty boys... promise. I always wear scarfs, usually ones from far away I've bought or other people have bought me on their travels! I live in floral print, skinny jeans and high waisted shorts. I love love love gold and pearls, and I've been stacking bracelets for literally as long as I can think! As soon as any sun is out (even a teeny tiny bit) I'll have my Raybans on, no question.

I love sleeping, lazy days and snuggles. I'm at uni in my second year studying Politics and International Relations and live with some of my best friends, I couldn't live without their company sometimes! We have perfected being lazy to quite a high standard, although since it's exam time we haven't been able to be in quite some time *sadface*.

Exam stress will be over soon, and I'll be more free to share all the silly little things which pop into my head! 

Daydreamer <3

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