Monday, 28 May 2012

New Hair :D!!

Just a quick post about my hair, I just got it redone so no more horrible roots from my last couple of posts! I've had it long and blonde for about 3 years now but before that it was a medium honey toned brown (but still very long). It took me about one and  half to two years to grow.. I know when i was 14 I cut it shoulder length and by the time I was 16 entering sixth form it was quite long already! About a year after that I dyed it blonde and i'm almost twenty now - but I'm not as good as I should be at going back regularly! ...... Shabby chic? *crosses fingers* >.< ooooopsie.
The front bits are a lot shorter which I thought would be good for summer so I could put my hair up and be cool but some little bits would fall down so it doesn't look as harsh! They used Kerastase Elixir on it and it feels so so silky, and blow dried it smooth and straight, usually I have a wavy mane!

<- No more roots!!

and it's still pretty long->

Overall I'm really happy with it :D
Daydreamer <3


  1. It looks so pretty :) I especially like the teeny tiny cat in the background :P x

  2. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous; healthy and shiny. And I try to wear my parting to the side all the time, but it looks so wrong on me. Don't know why...completely suits you though.

    Thanks for your comment. Love your blog, and am now following :) xx

  3. It looks beautiful and healthy. I am not very original with my hair - I have had the same hair length and color for about 10 years :)


    1. Same.. when they ask my what I want my cut like I always ask for the same thing, I used to have more shorter bits but that's the only thing which has changed since I was 15! Hair can be good just plain!
      Thank you!! :D

  4. it looks very healthy! haha such a cute kitty! xx

  5. Your hair looks lovely, very pretty colour x

  6. Hello, thankyou so much for the lovely comment on our blog :) We have just started up so we are basically in a similar position and you :)
    Please follow back (you have a great blog btw) xx

  7. your hair looks fantastic and so healthy :)
    I'm always afraid of going to the hairdresser, because they always cut more than I want. -.-'
    and I love your haircolour :) so lovely!


  8. The cat has made my day aha <3

  9. I love your hair :)
    makes you look suuuuper cute!

  10. wow! your hair looks so amazing! *-*
    i like your long hair <3


  11. Your hair looks great. I like the layered look.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. your hair looks beautiful ! <3

  13. lurveee your ray bans xxx

  14. Heyy, I just found your blog and it's awesome! Your hair is really nice!
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