Thursday, 7 June 2012


Since I have no money, I've spent quite a lot of time pining online, and this is my official list of things i'm lusting over.

1.) Nars Laguna Bronzer. Just because I've heard so much about it! It seems perfect for me because I'm not too tanned but I've started using bronzers to add a bit of definition to my face and I think it's about time I invested in this since it's meant to be the best one!
2.) Real Techniques Core Collection (available from Sammi from Beautycrush on YouTube talked about them and for four brushes they don't seem too expensive at £21.99 for all four. Plus I am severely lacking in decent make up brushes so again, it's about time I invested in some but not sure I can afford to kit myself out with Mac brushes unfortunately :(
3.) Rouge Caresse lipstick by Loreal Paris in Dating Coral. I already have Tempting Lilac and I am so so so impressed with the consistency and pigmentation. I saw a little bit about them online, and they came out at the same time as Revlon Lip Butters and were both advertised as a semi-sheer moisturising alternative to Lipstick. I decided to not believe the hype and do a genuine comparison in store and, for me, there was no competition - Rouge Caresse seems to me clearly better and I wants wants wants this coral colour so much. It is so gorgeous but it was sold out in my local boots for a while :(
4.) However, I do still want to give the Lip Butters a fair try, and perhaps they would be a good thing to have knocking about your bag as a tinted lip balm for beachy days or just those hot days where very little effort goes into make up. I'm a bit concerned that they streak and application is not very even, which was my main issue with them compared to Rouge Caresse, but as a pretty tinted lip balm I could see myself using some of the colours! I do think they have been overhyped though.. from what I've seen so far!
5.) A want a high low skirt so badly, ever since about two months ago I went shopping with a friend who was planning to buy one in black or pink (I think); I wandered off on my own and found one in the most gorgeous shade of mint green and exactly the right shape for me. I fell in love and so did she, but unfortunately it was only in big sizes and we're both little people :( so sad. I didn't want to buy just any one, so I'm keeping my eye out for a perfect one, and noticed this one of a couple of days ago!!! ** excited** I don't know how it will look in person, but I'm planning on popping in soon and seeing how long it is at the front and things. Fingers crossed it's flattering...!
6 +7.) Orly Cool Romance Collection. (Really pretty muted tones and a lovely mint green) and OPI New York City Ballet (greys, creams, lilac and a glittery number). Fell in love with both of them and want to get some better quality nail varnishes
8.)Naked 2 Palette, just because I love eyeshadows and doing dramatic make up for nights out, it would increase my range so I could do a few more different looks. I've also picked out a Mac quad in my head.. but hopefully I'll be able to do a post on that soon!

A few extras that I forgot to include in the photo... (oooopsy!)
Ruffley white lace shorts,
A (fake) Mulberry handbag
A job for the summer so I can buy all these things!!

Oh this really is just daydreams, but it was fun to put it all down on paper! If only I had some more money.
Sorry for the delay between posts, I broke my toe, had friends to stay and we were a lot busier/lazier than I expected AND got food poisoning. :( Sorry to neglect you!
Daydreamer <3

P.S A funny photo of me and Sunny from Things That Make Me Smile (I was singing I think...):


  1. I'm with you on the Nars laguna and naked palette! xx

  2. I think your singing abilities terrified me... <3 :P x

  3. Great wish list! I also want Real Techniques brushes!

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  4. All things I wish for lol

  5. Great wishlist :) I really like the RT brushes and love my stipple brush

    Tanesha x

  6. How do you know Sunny? She was my first ever subscriber <3!

    1. We went to school together! She said I should take a look, we both really like your blog :) x