Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I've got some lovely presents from everyone for my birthday recently, made me feel very loved :) These are my favourite bits!My best friend (Sunny) got me the most gorgeous dress ever from Jack Wills, I love it so much! Trying to get my brother to get married so I have a good place for it's first outing!
It's a beautiful silky material and a flattering shape and colour! I LOVES IT SO MUCH.

My friend Lizzie gave me a few things and was really generous! She got my some really nice products from lush; a shower jelly and a scrub. The shower jelly was good in the alps, as it smelled really zingy and clean which felt amazing in a hot shower after falling in a freezing river! I'm so totally in love with the scrub, it smells really fresh and awakey :D I use it a lot now as I'm using a fake tanner to keep it even as I'm so unlucky with tanning products! They just don't like me! I also like that it has an option to make it more exfoliating if you use it on dry skin, or less exfoliating (but good skin/tan maintenance) if used like a normal shower product. I'd definitely repurchase the scrub again. :D

Lizzie also bought me a really pretty bracelet from Magnolia Silver that I'm now wearing with the rest of my arm-candy everyday. Pearls have always been my favourite and it's silver so my wrist won't go green :P

Lots of lovely things from lovely people!


  1. Those lush products look gorgeous! :) Great post!
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