Thursday, 2 August 2012

Laid-back Summer Hair

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, but when it comes to summer I love to twist and braid it to get it out of my face so I don't get too hot. Plaits also show off my highlights so I <3 them. These are the ones I've been using recently and they're super super easy as well! :)
Braids add a simple and sweet boho element to any outfit. I particularly like doing them with baggy or floral tops, with summer dresses, or on cold days with classic dark denim jeans.
This is probably one of my most used, a simple braid of the front my hair on one or both sides of my head. In this case both, pinned back so they meet in the middle at the back of my head! I feel all mermaidy :D It keeps the hair off my face but I don't have to put it up completely, making it look a bit softer for my faceshape. (I think having all my hair up doesn't suit me at all!)

 ^^ Close ups of the braids from each side :)  ^^

I've only just started doing this next one but so far I'm really liking it! The braids hold the hair out of my face, but it flows forward in a way that I really like :) The way I do it is to separate chunks of hair from above/behind my ears and pull them forward and tie them with a hair band so they're completely separate from the rest, then I put my hair up in a tight high ponytail and braid the chunks I've left out. I spray the front of my hair and plaits with light hold hair spray and smooth down a little to get rid of any fly-aways before bobby-pinning the plaits in place and letting my hair down.

 This look feels all ballerina-y to me so I tried it with my hair up in a messy ballerina bun which I really like, but it does expose the bobby pins. I'm a messy person so I don't really mind that kind of thing personally.

This one is a chunky waterfall braid on one side of my head (the side with the most hair), and on the other side a simple twist to keep it out of my face. This one I would wear more with jumpers and perhaps to slightly dressier occasions because it feels a little bit more grown up.

close up of the braid
There are loads of great explanations of how to do a waterfall braid and I'd probably be a bit clumsy in my own explanation, so I recommend using the powers of Google if you're interested. I learnt from MeghanRosette on Youtube a billion years ago so maybe that would be worth a look :)

 I thought a simple braid deserves a mention, because it's probably my most "worn" hair style. I like it with everything, it makes summer dresses more casual and looks cute and preppy with good jeans and a simple top. With my hair, the bits at the front fall forward which softens the look making it more wearable for me :)

This post has been really fun to do so I hope you like it!
<3 Daydreamer

P.S. Sorry about the differing quality of the photos in this post - I had a bit of a lighting epiphany half way through taking photos for this post so hopefully they'll get better from now on. I've also realized my camera is awful and makes moderate lighting look poor so looking into a new one in the future (when my funds allow)..